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Les Hotels Saint-Louis
20, rue du Petit Musc
75004 Paris
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Pursuant to article 16 of this law, the gathering of data excludes all data pertaining to lifestyle, reilgious belief, religious or union affiliation, or political opinion. We are commited to taking every precaution to protect this data in order to ensure its security and particularly to prevent its misuse or damages, or its transmission to any third party that is unauthorized.
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Pursuant to the law number 78-17 of January 6, 1978 ("Data-Processing and Rights" law), you have the right of access to information concerning you and you may make modifications. If you wish to modify or remove certain data which pertains to you, please send us an email to this effect to 
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Les Hôtels Saint-Louis
20, rue du Petit Musc
75004 Paris

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